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PINNACLE Receives an A+ for Class Instruction

Theresa M. Locke, DPT of Pinnacle Physical Therapy has provided instruction classes in Body Mechanics and Physical Safety at the Calaveras County Office of Education for staff and teachers as well as the Calaveras Public Authority’s Caregivers Training in San Andreas. Clarice, an attendee at the CPA training was delighted with what she learned at the course. She reports, “I have instantly put into action the conscious thought and awareness of how to use my back in proper form. Wonderful! I feel stronger in all actions focusing on using the muscles groups Theresa from Pinnacle taught us.” In these classes, Theresa expounds on the subject matter presented to Pinnacle patients during the semi-monthly classes held at the clinic. Topics covered include the anatomy of the spine, ways to sit, reach, work and lift without injury. Instruction is targeted to the specific interests and needs of the participants and organizations. The class for caregivers included instruction on transfer techniques and opportunities to practice the methods suggested. Classes are offered to companies and organizations in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties and may be scheduled by calling Pinnacle Physical Therapy at (209) 736-0956.

Greg came to Pinnacle as a patient with a problem knee and a goal to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. His treatment plan and home exercise program gave him the mobility, strength and confidence to achieve that dream. Congratulations, Greg. We were happy help.

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Physical therapy is non-invasive and evidence based; it is designed and carried out with a problem solving approach. Whether the injury is work or sport related, physical therapy puts the power back in the hands of the patient helping each recover mobility and strength.
Research is ongoing but studies have already confirmed the benefits of massage and found it helpful for stress relief, managing anxiety and depression, pain, stiffness, blood pressure control and sports-related injuries.
Exercise truly is the best medicine for keeping the body moving and prolonging the effects of aging. Maintaining flexible joints, strong muscles and practicing good body mechanics contributes to healthier individuals.