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"Staff at Pinnacle are the best! "
Jul 09, 2020
"Very professional staff and keeping every precaution possible during these times. Will return after current situation allows. -Mercy M."
Jul 06, 2020
"I've had problems with shoulder impingement for a very long time - years. I have never made time for physical therapy. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone to Pinnacle Physical Therapy all along. These folks are the best and have the best customer focus, helping me to become more mobile with my arms/shoulders, and making my life a lot easier. Thank you to entire staff at Pinnacle. I highly recommend this organization in Angels Camp! "
Mar 28, 2019
"How are you doing? FANTASTIC! I have made so much improvement after my back surgery. It is giving me my freedom back!! Thank you. "
Jan 19, 2019
"Theresa & Team – Thanks so much for all your help and support! You Rock!!!"
Dec 11, 2018
"Thank you all for working so hard with me during my physical therapy. Theresa, you not only mend the body through physical therapy, you also work on the emotional and spiritual pieces of the person to make that person come back together again. I know I’m not done, but the strength and improvement and positive feedback that you and your staff give has brought me many miles in the healing process. I will continue to heal and work hard especially as I swim in the waters of Kauai. Thanks so much."
Dec 11, 2018
"I can’t say enough good things about Pinnacle Physical Therapy. Even though I was in extreme pain, I would go to therapy knowing the pain would be gone by the time my treatment was finished. My chronic condition and pain were relieved so significantly by therapy at Pinnacle that I wish I could continue treatments indefinitely."
Dec 11, 2018
"Theresa, I am still doing all of the exercises and am very close to full range of motion with little pain depending on the activity and time of day. I would like to thank you for treating me; I think it let me ‘turn the corner’ so to speak. All of the recommendations I received regarding your expertise and professionalism are true in my opinion."
Dec 11, 2018
"Fantastic! I have made so much improvement after my back surgery. It is giving me my freedom back!!! Thank you."
Aug 22, 2018


Carol Morgan

Greg Success Story

Greg came to Pinnacle as a patient with a problem knee and a goal to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. His treatment plan and home exercise program gave him the mobility, strength and confidence to achieve that dream. Congratulations, Greg. We were happy help.

Excellence, knowledge, patience, kindness, professionalism. Couldn’t ask for better care.


I am a music teacher/cyclist. Three years ago, I came to you (Pinnacle PT, Angels Camp, CA) after surgery to repair my right shoulder. The day before my surgery, I spent the whole day conducting an honor band and was in ALOT of pain. Well, thanks to you all, I was able to rehab back to a nice comfort level. Two years ago, I dislocated my LEFT shoulder and was told I needed a shoulder replacement. Well, I said, “no and because of what I was taught by all of you, I would rehab myself.” Well, last Friday, I spent the day conducting an honor band again, PAIN FREE! Thanks for your wisdom and caring! Thanks for helping me to fulfill my passions!

Patty Jo, Pleasant Hill, CA

Hi Theresa, Saturday, 10/19/13 I climbed ‘my mt’ with my daughter’s help over the hard spots…4950 steps. I wanted you to know that your PT and my determination to accomplish this personal goal made it happen; I even did my V,W,T’s on the top. The only after effects were a stiff neck because I did a lot of ‘crawl climbing’… muscles were great, balance slowed me down.

Thanks for your help, Bonnie
It was so great

Dear Theresa and Staff, Thank you so much for all the help you gave me during my treatment at Pinnacle. I thought that at my age I was destined to be shuffling around and occasionally tipping over for the rest of my life, but I feel more sure footed and seldom use my cane. My family cannot believe the change in my balance and confidence since seeing you. I am continuing my daily exercises because when I don’t, I realize I fall back. Thank you again for improving my quality of life.

Sincerely, Carol Morgan (Age 96), Murphys

Theresa, thank you for helping me to “get back on my feet” after my total hip replacement. You and your staff were most kind, courteous and professional during my rehabilitation. My hip is feeling great and I’m following through with my aftercare program. I especially enjoyed Dulcie’s warm smile and greeting upon my arrival!

Steve Ageno

Thank you! Those two simple words will never express my thanks if I said them a zillion times. From the day I called ‘til yesterday when I “graduated” at 95% normal, I was greeted with smiles, energy and a warm embrace of healing powers. Thank you…for making this journey possible.

Nancy Davis

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful care. I felt like I was coming to visit friends. We are all happy with the progress “we” made. I’m happy, my husband’s happy and my doctor is very pleased with the treatment I received.

Carolyn Martell

Hello Folks, Molly, our golden retriever, wanted to thank you for putting me back on our forest paths. She’s quite pleased that I can go for long walks again. I’m pleased as well! Thank you all and the “Back Class” for the expert help and care you provided. You’re a great team!

Daniel Kreisberg