Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the best first choice for musculoskeletal medicine because it is non-invasive, specific to the condition and is designed and carried out with a problem solving approach. Treatment is generally prescribed by a primary care giver and administered under insurance based contracts by our doctors of physical therapy and experienced aids. Treatment is evidenced based, has minimal side effects and is cost effective. PT puts the power of recovery back into the hands of the patient. It will help recover the strength, flexibility and mobility that was lost.


The Pilates method is an organized system of exercising, integrating the body as a whole rather than individual muscle groups, working through the joint's full available range of motion. It focuses on the core musculature, and is designed to produce a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and control while correcting muscular imbalances that affect posture and function.

Fitness Consults

Fitness consults are a normal musculoskeletal evaluation and training program, prescribed by a physical therapist, based on findings and best-evidence, outside of a medical referral. They are a part of our wellness services are offered on a cash basis. This is perfect for someone who has an old knee (or neck) injury and wants to exercise, but is unsure of the best exercises to do.

Medical Fitness

Medical fitness is a physical therapy evaluation with consideration to medical issues and is for those who are not gym-appropriate. It's been said, "healthy people go to gyms". What about all the others who still need fitness programs? This program is targeted for those with hypertension, diabetes, cardiac or pulmonary disease, chronic back pain and obesity. Medical fitness is designed to foster movement options and not exacerbate existing symptoms. The goal is to reverse disability and improve fitness in the face of documented diseases.


Wellness is independent (uninsured) traditional physical therapy administered by licensed physical therapists and designed to help with specific needs or conditions. Scheduled appointments and payment at time of treatment are required. Multiple sessions can be arranged at discounted prices. Contact Dulcie Monroy for more information.


Healthspan is designed for those individuals who need a little more than an exercise program. If there is a chance prescribed at-home exercise will not be done correctly or an independent gym is not appropriate, then this program is a perfect fit. Many people need an appointed time and personal attention to do what they know is best to stay healthy. To keep symptoms at bay, exercise needs to be on-going and regular, as well as correct in form. Our doctors of physical therapy will evaluate the participant
s physical condition and develop a program that will meet those concerns as well as increase mobility and improve overall health. The participant will come at an appointed time twice a week for four weeks to exercise 45 - 60 minutes with clinical personnel, trained to monitor and assist in maximizing results. One four week session is $240. Sessions can be repeated indefinitely or converted to AFTERCARE should the participant desire.


Aftercare is a monthly program wherein an individual uses the clinic and equipment much like a private gym. This is a popular option for our former patients. An evaluation is conducted and exercise program developed. The participant is able to visit the clinic unlimited times on their schedule without an appointment to exercise in a clean, quiet and monitored environment. Participants must be able to demonstrate safe, form correct independent exercise. There is no limit to the number of months one can participate. Price $75 per month.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a recognized method of relieving stress, increasing flexibility and reducing pain. Pinnacle Physical Therapy offers appointments with licensed massage therapists at the clinic. Many modalities are available and personal attention is given to create a custom massage for each individual and condition. One need not be a patient to request an appointment. Rates are based on $65/hour appointments. Contact Dulcie Monroy to schedule an appointment.

Occupational Health

Injury Prevention Makes Good Sense

  • Ergonomic Assessments of the Workspace
  • Back Classes and Lift Training
  • Employee Mobility and Strength Assessments
  • Consultations